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Super group formed by Adán Jodorowsky, El David Aguilar, Jay de La Cueva and Leiva; four well-known artists from the current music scene in Mexico (where three of them reside) and Spain (where Leiva lives).

Adán, David, Jay and Leiva are long-standing artists, all of them multi-instrumentalist musicians, with an extensive repertoire among the various compositions and productions they have signed in their respective careers.

The Guapos is a project that, from the beginning, knew it’s final form, and this clarity was a result of the commitment and resolve that these four friends shared with one another in order to achieve the dream they had in common: to have fun bringing to life their artistic desire through the creation of a unique project, executed to perfection, that would work long-term as well as comply with their individual careers

In the midst of a world of digital immediacy, trends and frenzy, The Guapos burst in as a fun antidote raised from the most classic band format.

Their philosophy of rescuing the best of past times, updating the classic in their own way, has led them to record all the songs, on what will be their debut album completely analog (on two tracks, on tape, and with mono sound).

Catchy lyrics, danceable beats and the coolest ways of yesteryears, brought to our times by these four great musicians.

"Several years ago, I met Jay de la Cueva at his home, with the intention of collaborating on something together, without thinking of one day putting together a band. We wrote “I am handsome”. Laughing our guts out, we thought of creating The Guapos. But we left this project in a drawer for years.

A decade later, we invited David Aguilar and Leiva to be part of the project. It was evident that four handson men with style could not fail.

Beyond a band, it is a project of deep friendship. If I'm a “Guapo” today, it's because I'm one of the four essential elements in the band, the sensual alchemical drop, the seasoning of supreme good looks adding voluptuous waves on the dance floors" - Adan Jodorowsky

– En el 2014 ganó la Luna a mejor artista revelación. (Lunas del Auditorio Nacional)
– Realizó la adaptación en español del tema “I would do anything for you” de la banda Americana “Foster the People”.
– Participó en la campaña públicitaria de «Hewlett Packard» como imagen, con el tema «Dependo tanto de ti» y como vocera de «Essilor México», en la 1ra Donación de lentes Crizal*UV para mejorar la salud visual de comunidades de bajos recursos.


  • 2012: «Sofi Mayen» (Solista)
  • 2014: «Memoria» (Solista)
  • 2017 «Ay Dolor» (Gran Sur)
  • 2020 «El Otro Lado» (Gran Sur)



  • Memoria
  • Sútil


  • María León » Trampas al Amor»
  • Pambo «Almas Paralelas»
  • Ramiro del Real (Eterna) «Remar» y «Un año»
  • Vanessa Zamora, Denise Gutiérrez, Siddhartha, etc. «Pasos con Alas»
  • Kill Aniston «Lo Siento pero es la Verdad»
  • Rebel Cats «Hasta Mañana» (Tributo a ABBA
  • Aleks Sintek «Creer»


Compositions in voice of:

  • Kaay «Así»
  • Erik Rubín «Collar de Estrellas»
  • Aleks Syntek «Creer»
  • María León «Trampas de Amor»
  • Jay de la Cueva «Todo esta bien»