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Sofi Mayen



Singer and songwriter born in Zacatecas, Mexico; August 13, 1988.

Sofí Mayen is a talented singer-songwriter and musician, originally from the city of Zacatecas. At the age of 15 with the song "Amores" that she composed when she was 9 years old, she wins the prize of the Cultural Institute of Zacatecas and the Society of Authors and Composers of the State. Thanks to the award he made his first demo with which he began his musical career. At the age of 19 she migrates to the CDMX to look for opportunities starting studies in the CEA, later she is signed by the transnational Universal Music and makes her first album in 2011 titled "Sofí Mayen", produced by Gonzalo Murguía and Mauricio Arriaga, the material contains 11 tracks of her authorship. The first single "Te odio" which debuted in the top 5 of the Mixup Digital chart was the incidental theme of the telenovela "Te odio". Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Amor bravío” produced by Televisa(Canal de las Estrellas).

She has worked with renowned musicians, producers and composers such as Jay de la Cueva (Moderatto), Aleks Syntek, Erick Rubín, Chavela Vargas, Natalia Lafourcade, Cecilia Toussaint, Denise Gutiérrez (Hello Seahorse), Enjambre, Ha*Ash, Reik, Ettore Grenci, Playa Limbo, María León and Mon Laferte, among others.

At the beginning of 2017 Sofí Mayen took a break from her solo career to start a new musical project with Cha, Iñaki (Fobia) and Elohim (Moderatto) called "Gran Sur" which is a concept of Mexican, romantic and electric music, where she shows herself as a more mature and prolific composer. The first single "Tu Dios" from the album "Ay Dolor" is the song that opened the doors for them to play at the Palacio de Bellas Artes with Saúl Hernandez (Caífanes) and Méme (Café Tacvba), they play their first show at La Fête des Morts à Paris; to later record their second album at Sonic Ranch and play their first show at the Teatro de la Ciudad and tour the Mexican Republic.

Sofí Mayen's musical talent and great and profound compositions have helped her to play in the most important stages such as: El Vive Latino , Festival Machaca, Festival Catrina, Pa'l Norte , SXWX, NAMM , Palacio de Bellas Artes, Teatro de la Ciudad , Lunario del Auditorio Nacional ,Festival de las Juventudes, among others.

She is currently preparing his next production as a soloist, alternating activities with "Gran Sur".

About to release her first album and with the support of great musicians, Sofi Mayen presented her first single, Te odio. At only 23 years old, she has been working for almost four years on the album of the same name, which contains eleven tracks of her own. With these songs, Sofi Mayen captivated musicians, producers and composers such as Jay de la Cueva, Aleks Syntek, Erik Rubín and Natalia Lafourcade, Maru Moreno, Ángela Dávalos, Pambo, Étore Grenchi, María Bernal, Reik, Leonel García, Playa Limbo, and Kill Aniston, who have supported this new singer-songwriter.

Besides starting the promotion of her first single "Te Odio", Sofi Mayen was part of the Hewlett-Packard campaign to promote the HP Pavilion DM1 computer with Beats Audio that took place in Central America. She participated with the song Dependo tanto de ti which was also included in the album of the same name. Thanks to this commercial Sofi has received great feedback from fans from several Central American countries. This material was recorded in Mexico City at Sweet Sound studio located in San Angel, as well as in the studio of Guillermo Mendez Guiu which is located in Tepoztlan, Morelos.

She made a university tour with Miró and Mike Zanetti, presenting her music at universities in Mexico City and nearby cities. She has performed in forums such as El Imperial and in October 2011 she was the opening act for two concerts of Leonel García.


– Multi nominado al Latín Grammy por sus álbums ‘Blanco Fácil’,‘Efecto Dominó’ e ‘Hipnosis’, y su sencillo “Completamente” en la categoría de Mejor Canción de Rock.

– En el 2010 participó en el MTV Unplugged ’Música de Fondo’ de Zoé y en la gira de conciertos del mismo que se extendió en México, Estados Unidos y otros países de Centroamérica.

– Su talento como compositor y productor lo ha llevado a trabajar con artistas como:

Zoé / Jumbo / Carla Morrison / Meme del Real / Benny Ibarra / Belanova / Amaral

– Se ha presentado en los festivales de música más importantes como:

Vive Latino / Machaca Fest / Hellow Fest / Corona Music Fest / Día de las Juventudes / Pa’l Norte / Festival Santa Lucia / Entre otros.

– En el 2014 ganó la Luna a mejor artista revelación. (Lunas del Auditorio Nacional)
– Realizó la adaptación en español del tema “I would do anything for you” de la banda Americana “Foster the People”.
– Participó en la campaña públicitaria de «Hewlett Packard» como imagen, con el tema «Dependo tanto de ti» y como vocera de «Essilor México», en la 1ra Donación de lentes Crizal*UV para mejorar la salud visual de comunidades de bajos recursos.


  • 2012: «Sofi Mayen» (Solista)
  • 2014: «Memoria» (Solista)
  • 2017 «Ay Dolor» (Gran Sur)
  • 2020 «El Otro Lado» (Gran Sur)


  • Memoria
  • Sútil
  • No Se Trata De Ti (2022)


  • María León » Trampas al Amor»
  • Pambo «Almas Paralelas»
  • Ramiro del Real (Eterna) «Remar» y «Un año»
  • Vanessa Zamora, Denise Gutiérrez, Siddhartha, etc. «Pasos con Alas»
  • Kill Aniston «Lo Siento pero es la Verdad»
  • Rebel Cats «Hasta Mañana» (Tributo a ABBA
  • Aleks Sintek «Creer»

Compositions in voice of:

  • Kaay «Así»
  • Erik Rubín «Collar de Estrellas»
  • Aleks Syntek «Creer»
  • María León «Trampas de Amor»
  • Jay de la Cueva «Todo esta bien»